PVC window frames are the basic offer of the company Izoplast. We manufacture and install windows eXtremo made of 5 and 6 chamber PVC profiles. We offer five different profiles tailored to the diverse needs of our customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to visit our showrooms. Surely you can find something for yourself!


The company IZOPLAST WINDOW AND DOOR SYSTEMS has existed since 16.04.1997. Therefore, by choosing Izoplast, you can be sure that you cooperate with an experienced company existing on the market for many years. The registered seat and production plant was established in Jezow. IZOPLAST started from producing windows in the Panorama 1000 system, equipped with the Romb fittings, but in 1998, after signing a cooperation agreement with the German KBE company, we extended our offer with a window and door system, which formed the basis of our manufacturing works by the end of 2010.In the late 90s, ROTO FRANK became a supplier of fittings for our products as well. Cooperation with these two partners made our assortment enriched with innovative solutions and technologies. In a significant way it has affected the dynamics of our company's development and expansion of our business operations. Currently, we anticipate customer expectations by introducing a line of windows worthy of the 21st century eXtremo.



Proper installation of joinery is a key element to ensure durability and smooth operation of windows and doors for many years. Proper installation is started with taking the MEASUREMENTS. Our expert carries out accurate inspection and takes the measurement of all window and door openings and calculates adequate dimensions for each product. They take into account the factors such as  performance accuracy of those openings and lintels in a building, determined levels of screeds and window sills, selection of right backlash joints of window frames, ,as well as widths necessary to apply the system installation solutions..