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Mildew is one of the most undesirable phenomena in the house. It forms as a result of improper ventilation. The most common way of ventilation is airing by opening windows. However, this results, especially in winter, in a dramatic heat loss from the room, which is a negative phenomenon. However, there is a remedy. One of the ways to prevent these uncontrolled energy losses is to use air vents within the windows dispensing fresh air in a manner appropriate to the needs of adequate ventilation. 



Installation of air vents is supposed to, among the other things,:

  • provide a pleasant microclimate and good air quality in the room,
  • stop the growth of mildew,
  • prevent damage caused by moisture,
  • reduce the need for thermal energy,
  • transport outside the flat area side "products" related to the functioning of the household, such as smells, tobacco smoke, vapour and others.