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Izoplast offers a wide selection of fabric blinds and roller blinds. Thanks to them you will create an atmosphere of intimacy at your home and will protect the interior from overheating. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the advantages of the installation of fabric blinds and roller-blinds and to visit our showroom. Surely you can find something for yourself!

roletki Advantages of blinds installation:

  • they provide a sense of privacy;
  • chain control method allows for raising and lowering the blinds and setting them at a right angle;
  • they provide the user with the desired amount of sunlight in the room;
  • they are easy to keep clean;
  • a wide selection of colour schemes enables an effortless composition of colours;
  • they are ideal for rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen), heavy traffic and migration of users (guest houses, hotels, offices, restaurants).

Advantages of fabric roller-blinds’ installation:

  • they provide a sense of privacy;
  • they protect the interiors from overheating;
  • we provide a variety of fabrics with different densities, colours, shades and patterns;
  • they restrict access of the sun's rays to the interiors;
  • they are finished with elegant aluminum casements (also with wood-like ones) and tasteful masking strips;
  • they are mounted only in the light of the windowpane, thanks to which they do not restrict the usability of window or balcony doors;
  • they are equipped with simple and reliable control with a bead chain with an automatic brake;
  • we also offer "day-night" roller-blinds characterized by a possibility of precise dosage of an amount of light entering the room..

roletki dzień-nockolo thżąluzje i roletki