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Every window and every door, regardless of the system with which they are made, can be equipped with different door handles and other fittings than those accepted with the standard variant. Depending on individual customer’s expectations, technical requirements and construction of the frames, the Izoplast company offer each customer the best solution for their project.

Rotoline Handles


rotoline standardrotoline z przyciskiemrotoline z kluczykiem


Rotoline -classic design and highest quality. These are advanced technical solutions with the RAL certificate. They operate reliably for many years. RotoLine door handles occur in the standard variant, with a button-equipped lock, with key-locked lock and in the TILT FIRST variant a key-locked lock. All the variants can be equipped with the SECUSTIC technology. These elegant handles are designed for balcony windows and doors made both of PVC, as well as of aluminum.


Rotoline SWING Handles



Rotoline SWING - most modern design and advanced solutions. These are handles for fans of unconventional design - they have streamline that adds them lightness and elegance. And they are ergonomic, easy to operate them at the same time. They are suitable for doors and windows made of PVC. Swing Door handles occur in the standard variant, with a button-equipped lock and key-locked lock. All of them are equipped with the SECUSTIC technology. 

Handles – colour schemes

All the handles occur in the following colour schemes:


braz  bronze   mos silver 
Brown  Metal Brown  Matt Brass  Matt Silver
tytan white alu szary
Matt Titanium White Aluminium Grey



zaczep antywyważeniowy RotoOur products are made of high-end fittings for tilt-and-turn and balcony windows and balcony,Roto NT.

  • These fittings meet thehighest requirements concerning safety, comfort of use, durability and design..
  • All the components of the Roto NT system are compatible, thanks to which they can be combined in different ways and the window can be adjusted to meet your needs. .

Roto NT fittings are standard accessories in all the eXtremo windows:

  • casement windows,
  • tilt-and-turn windows,,
  • leaves with a weight of 130 kg for PVC windows.



Roto designo

Roto NT Designo

  • Specially designed fittings with hidden hinged side for casement windows and tilt-and-turn windows equipped with leaves with high weight: to 150 kg.
  • Hidden hinges do not interfere with the aesthetics of the window.
  • Roto NT Design fittings are intended not only for people with high aesthetic requirements, but also for those who want to enjoy a window for many years.
  • All the elements of the Roto NT modular system are compatible and can be combined, so you get a product tailored to your needs.


Uchwyt magnetycznyAdditional door handles and fittings included in our offer:

  • automatic devices to tilt highly placed skylight window off the floor level,
  • different variants of anti-burglary fittings,
  • balcony latches,
  • handle-controlled brakes,
  • gradually or continuously adjustable widths of the leaves’ tilt,

Additional accessories for PCV and aluminum entrance doors:

  • panel casement bolts with three-point locking,
  • an electric connector for door intercommunication systems or code locks,
  • anti-burglary inserts,
  • rear bolts securing the hinges from knock-down,
  • handrails,
  • door closers
  • and many other interesting solutions.

Our offer includes the products of the most renowned companies, e.g. ROTO, HOPPE, GEZE, HAUTAU, HELIMA, ERETTI, SAVIO, EFFECTOR.