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PT 50

PT 50The system of aluminum profiles without thermal insulation. It is designed mainly to create interior building structures:

  • vestibules,
  • cashboxes,
  • cabinets and partition walls.
  • sliding doors (operated manually or automatically), swing doors,
  • smoke-proof doors.


The PT 50 allows for a use of the following fillings:

  • glass,
  • aluminium panels,
  • "sandwich"-type fillings,
  • furniture boards,
  • plaster-cardboard,
  • polycarbonate with a thickness of 1-40 mm.

The structural depth of the profiles - for frames and leaves- is 52-60 mm.


The PT 50 system is both a swinging door system as well as a coplanar door system with a rebate hinge. An advantage of the axially clamped hinges is the ease of installation and adjustment in three dimensions.

  • precise relation to other Ponzio systems (common corner connections, glazing beads, instrumentation and the majority of fittings);
  • possibility to face window leaves (one plane on the external side) and door leaves (two planes on both the external and internal side); 
  • possibility to bend profiles;
  • many variants of door leaves: with a "kick" (wide beam) or a leaf cut at an angle of 45 degrees, without or with a threshold;
  • possibility to make a smoke-proof doors.

Technical data

Aluminium profiles
EN AW-6060 acc. to PN-EN 573-3 class T6 acc. to PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 acc. to the standards DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615T1

single windowpanes or windowpanes laminated with each glass type or opaque panels

Methods of finishing the surfaces
Powder coating with polyester paints meeting the Qualicoat requirements, colours from the RAL list; anodizing in colours: natural aluminum, olive, champagne, gold, "old gold", brown - meeting the Qualanod requirements; varnishing with the wooden “colour.”

Made of synthetic rubber EPDM according to DIN 7863 and the executive standard according to ISO 3302-01, E2.

Corner connectors, screws, bolts, aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel washers.

By renowned companies: Fapim, Savio, Iseo, Cisa, Hautau, Geze, KFV etc.

Permissions and quality certificates
ITB Technical Approval AT-15-5214/2012 “Interior and all-purpose smoke-proof doors and segments of partition walls of the Ponzio PT 50 system”.