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Window sills made of marble conglomerates

Parapet z aglomarmuru

Window sills made of marble conglomerates s a product for people who especially appreciate the attractive appearance and robustness of window finishes. Marble conglomerate is very close to natural marble in terms of colour and texture. It is also easy to maintain and durable. 

Marble conglomerates:

  • these are synthetic stones made by blending the resins and synthetics under high pressure;
  • represent the most sophisticated addition to windows highlighting luxury;
  • come in two thicknesses: 2 and 3 cm;
  • end-pieces can be straight, rounded or milled;
  • are resistant to scratches and high temperature;
  • in our offer they occur in rich and varied colour schemes and structures.  

Colour schemes



The presented colour schemes may differ slightly from the actual ones. We invite you to our showrooms to view the templates.