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Windows made of MDF board

Parapety HDF

A window sill of MDF board combines the simplicity of solutions and elegance. It is one of the most popular types of window sills. This proposal is for those who want a window sill be colour-matched to the window and at the same time to meet the high functionality-related requirements. The possibility to match the shape and the size of a window makes it also ideal for unusual window solutions.

Windows made of MDF board:

  • haveelegant appearance;;
  • are made of wood-like boards with thicknesses of 19mm, 25mm or 30mm;
  • veneered with PVC films with a thickness of 0.4 mm - colours resistant to sunlight;
  • MDF material is resistant to damage, scratches, fractures, intended for use in a higher risk of water penetration;;
  • occur in rich colour schemes - as many as 100 colours to choose from;
  • are made according to the size of a target;;
  • an additional advantage is the possibility to use a wide range of milling cutters adorning the edge of the board.

Colour schemes



The presented colour schemes may differ slightly from the actual ones. We invite you to our showrooms to further see the templates.