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Proper installation of joinery is a key element to ensure durability and smooth operation of windows and doors for many years. Proper installation is started with taking the MEASUREMENTS. Our expert carries out accurate inspection and takes the measurement of all window and door openings and calculates adequate dimensions for each product. They take into account the factors such as  performance accuracy of those openings and lintels in a building, determined levels of screeds and window sills, selection of right backlash joints of window frames, ,as well as widths necessary to apply the system installation solutions.. 

Standard installation

Standard installation of each eXtremo window meets all the requirements for proper installation of joinery:

  • Window installed on DECEUNINCK / INOUTIC system anchors or dowels - thanks to this, the window will be properly anchored, will not be pushed up even by strong wind pressure and, in the case of windows with increased resistance to burglary, adequately protected against knocking the frame down.
  • A mounting bar or a strip foundation (with the balcony window) - is an essential part stabilizing an installed window that allows for proper insulation trouble-free installation of a window sill and. It also provides a correct positioning of the window in the opening.
  • Leveling inserts - they are permanent supports that ensure a correct positioning of the entire window in the opening. It is worth noting that the inserts are in place after the window has been sealed with fitting foam.
  • Sealing with fitting foam –the entire perimeter of the window frame should be carefully sealed with fitting foam. With careful application, using SOUDAL foams, the window will maintain full tightness at the joint with a wall.

Energy-efficient i3 installation

In addition to the traditional window and door installation method in the openings, we can offer also so-called ENERGY-EFFICIENT i3 INSTALLATION   developed by ILLBRUCK.

cieply montaż i3

This technology meets all the requirements concerning the standard installation, these are:

  • Window installed on system anchors or dowels
  • A mounting bar or a strip foundation
  • Leveling inserts

Besides, it is extended with the following elements:

  • The outer layer of the Duo active foil, EPDM gaskets - ILLBRUCK - this layer provides a tight seal against rain, wind, and thanks to its elasticity, it provides a better seal at extreme temperatures.
  • Sealing with fitting foam or ILLBRUCK elastic tapes - in this installation variant we use special elastic sealing tapes or special fitting foam. Due to their characteristics, these materials provide adequate soundproofing and thermal insulation.
  • The inner layer of the Duo active film - this layer is supposed to secure the central insulating layer against penetration of moisture from the inside of the building, thanks to which it will maintain its insulating properties.

Proper application of the energy-efficient i3 installation, however, requires a developer to prepare window openings more accurately. Only carefully prepared screed and lintel will allow for taking precise measurements of the window opening and matching frames in order for the i3 technology to do its job correctly.

Energy-efficient i3 installation on an energy-efficient window sill

Ciepły parapetA perfect addition to the energy-efficient i3 installation technology is the use of the so-called “energy-efficient window sill.” It is a special extruded profile made of a hard plastic (extruded polystyrene XPS hard or technical styro-foam EPS). Particular extruded profiles are exactly tailored to specific window profiles, so they replace a mounting bar or a strip foundation. Thanks to their perfect matching with a sill and a window alone, they perfectly insulate and seals the space under the window. In addition, they facilitate easy, precise and aesthetic installation of indoor and outdoor window sills.

Application of the energy-efficient window sill ensures:

  • a significant reduction in energy costs,
  • two-fold reduction in heat loss,
  • an elimination of thermal bridges,
  • a lack of moisture spots resulting in a lack of mildew and fungi,
  • an improvement of the microclimate in rooms,
  • quick and easy installation.


Installation within external insulation layer (on brackets)

If there is a need to install a windows within the outer insulation layer of a building, we use mounting brackets and supports to install of windows - the KNELSEN system by the FENTECH company and the JB-D system by the SFS Intec Poland company. This installation allows for a window to be placed within the insulation layer in line with the face of a wall or for a window to be placed at a distance from the wall’s face (a maximum of 80 mm from the face of a wall - depending upon the specific type of brackets). 

montaż na konsolachzlicowany montaż na konsolachmontaz na konsolach poza licem


INSTALLATION of the joinery ordered with the Izoplast company is carried out only by highly qualified installation teams that have successfully participated in the accomplishment of many large and complex investments.