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  • They can occur as top-mounted shutters – permanently combined with a window before installation and placed in the window hole along with it as well as plaster-mounted ones installed independently on window and door frames, directly to a wall.
  • All of these elements may be made of PVC or aluminum, and the choice of material is determined primarily by the size of the hole in the wall and its location in the building.
  • They can be operated manually (using a belt retractor or a crank) or electrically (in the latter case, the roller is integrated with an engine, which additionally may be equipped with a radio receiver for remote control of the shutter. When choosing the variant with electrical control, a developer must also connect electrical installation to the roller shutters).
  • Armours, cassettes and guide bars of our roller-blinds are available in wide range of colors, allowing for a color-effectively revival of the facade of the building or blind to match the installed window frames. Casements, cassettes and guide bars of our roller-blinds are available in rich colour schemes allowing for effectively reviving the colours of a facade of a building or matching a blind to the installed window frames.
  • They have a number of additional security options that make it harder to tamper with them – e.g. automatic transoms, espagnolette lock or bloking hangers.
  • They are perfect as additional protective elements, also increasing the thermal insulation parameters of the windows and doors installed in the building.

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