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Outdoor window sills

Parapet zwnętrzny

Sills are the external metal elements of the windows. Their main task is to remove moisture out of the window through the drainage holes. A sill, additionally, is supposed to separate water from plaster and walls. Well fitted and selected sill prolongs the lifespan of the façade.

  • Construction of a steel sill consists of a steel collar that fits under a window, and a sectional element (a drip) from the outside.
  • Sides on both sides are finished with plastic end-pieces.
  • They are  steel window sills painted in any RAL colour, or painted or veneered in wood-like colours..
  • They occure in the thickness of 0.7 mm..

Colour schemes

Kolorystyka zewnętrzne


*RAL –any paint from the RAL list

The presented colour schemes may differ slightly from the actual ones. We invite you to our showrooms to further see the templates.