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Windows for living rooms  - chic and elegance as well as comfort


The most representative room in the house is the living room. Often directly from this room there is the exit onto a terrace. Therefore, large windows and sliding doors are usually the most desirable elements in the living room. They should be sturdy, durable and beautiful. To meet your expectations, we have prepared an offer concerning the windows which are particularly suitable for the living room. Among the wide range of our products there are the solutions such as: a movable central mullion, hidden hinges and a two-sided handle. The Designo fittings make the window look aesthetically pleasing and in line with modern trends. The low threshold in the terrace window allow for safe use of the exit to the terrace.

Welcome to our showrooms where you can choose a configuration that will best meet your needs.

  • Demonstrative configuration for the windows for a living room:
  • movable mullion,
  • sliding,
  • terrace window with a low threshold,
  • Designo fitting–hidden hinges,
  • handle-sealed brake,
  • a latch in the balcony window,
  • two-sided handle with a key-locked insert,
  • WK1 or WK2,
  • key-locked handle or Secustik,
  • MVS (optional).


Klamka SwingLine SecusticRuchomy słupekukryty zawias


The window for a bedroom - a good climate during sleep

Perhaps everyone knows how disruptive sleep is in a stuffy or too cold room. In order to sleep well, you must ventilate the room properly. This purposed is served by the solutions such as multi-stepped window tilt or vents. Thanks to it, we will avoid excessive cooling of the room while maintaining adequate ventilation. Multi-stepped tilt will allow you to adjust the size of the gap that will suit you best. Our window systems allow for the selection of a solution that will satisfy even the most demanding sleepers. 

Demonstrative configuration for the windows for a bedroom:

  • multi-stepped tilt,
  • K-visible hinges,
  • Soft Close,
  • basic anti-knock-down protection,
  • a RotoSwing/RotoLine Standard handle,
  • vents.


sypialnia1en thZawias Roto


We invite you to talk about the best solutions for you at our showrooms. Our staff will help find you a right window along with the necessary accessories.