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Pakiet szybConstruction of the windowpane package used in the eXtremo Prestige windows:

      1.Float-type glass.
      2.One-chamber or two-chamber, internal insulating space filled with air or gas.
      3.Single or double, energy-efficient, internal frame SWISSPACER (SSP) available in five.
      4.Butyl sealing.
      5.Molecular, moisture-absorbing sieve.
      6.Thiokol sealing.

In addition, the windowpane package can be freely configured according to the customer’s needs to a thickness of 44mm.
Optionally, the muntins with the widths of 8 -18-26-45 in many colors can be used.



Our windows are offered with a wide range of window panes:

  • absorbent - stained, absorbing a part of the sun's rays, protecting the room from overheating;
  • reflective  –stained, coated with a metal oxide, reflecting the sun's rays, preventing from overheating and prying eyes from the outside (softly darkened);
  • soundproof -increased thickness and a special spacer frame resulting in the absorption of outside noises;
  • decorative  - windows of various textures or ornamental applications and matt panes protecting privacy and well illuminating the room at the same time;
  • safe - laminated panes (glued) - a breakage does not generate large, sharp shards;
  • anti-burglary- hardened, with increased resistance class (increased resistance to breaking during a break-in) P2 or P4.


All the windows in the eXtremo Prestige series are characterized by the fact that they are:

          • lead-free,
          • without an addition of the recycled material (regranulate),
          • equipped with renowned fittings Roto.


Standard accessories for the eXtremo window swith tilt-and-turn leaves:

          • microventilation,
          • anti-draught tilt lock,
          • anti-mishandling device,
          • anti-theft mushrooms,
          • leaf sifter.


Optional accessories for the eXtremo windows:

          • customized solutions increasing resistance to burglary,
          • customized configuration of the windowpane packages according to the costumer’s needs,
          • adjustable size of the gap of the tilt leaf MSL (i.e. a stepped tilt),
          • handle-installed brake
          • magnetic balcony latch,
          • hidden hinges Roto Designo
          • TiltFirst fittings ("first tilt, then open") restricting children's access to opening windows,
          • handle in the lower part of the leaf- the NT Komfort system,
          • MVS - hidden sensor of opening a window, co-operating with the alarm system,
          • low aluminum threshold for balcony doors.


Innovative installations:

          • energy-efficient window installation: i3, on bearing brackets, MOVO,
          • installation of energy-efficient window sills.

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The cores of the profiles of our windows  occur in as many as three colours:

profile kolory



Our windows can be bought in 35 basic colours and 6 additional colours:


The presented colour schemes may differ slightly from the actual ones. We invite you to our showrooms to view further templates.